Fender Bender Repair in Poughkeepsie, NY



Life happens, from hail damage to minor accidents, your vehicle can get dented or scratched in various ways. From minor paint scratches to large dents, damages to your car will make it less appealing and possibly lead to further damage such as rusting. By using the latest innovative technology, Stofa's Auto Repair & Collision can ensure fast and accurate repairs to your vehicle.


PDR is a method of removing minor dents from a vehicle without using paint. Both aluminum and steel panels are candidates for PDR and it is most often used for hail damage, minor dings, or large dents. Paint-less dent repair will save you and your insurance a large amount of money. Ask the experts at Stofa's Auto Repair & Collision if you think PDR is the best option for you.
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If you find yourself in a Fender Bender, call Stofa's Auto Repair & Collision for repairs and to make sure you do not have more major repairs needed in the future!